Find a Contractor
In order to ensure that both your finished product will be in pristine condition and that you will be entirely satisfied with it, it is recommended to hire a local contractor that you trust to perform the installation. Either using an internet search tool or taking a suggestion from a friend in finding a qualified contractor should result in one that can complete the job properly. Installation, trim work and paint touchups are essential in the finished product and are easy for contractors who already have experience in iron door installation. This will ensure your door appear flawless and operates as such.

Installation of an iron door by an experienced contractor is a straightforward process. Our pre-hung iron doors are shipped with their frames, which means minimal labor is required for installation. Once the doors are hung, adjustments, which are detailed in the installation instructions, will allow the doors to swing effortlessly. Once this process is completed, your contractor can then focus on the finishing touches – painting, installation of hardware, and trim work.


Generally, iron doors are resistant to the outdoor environment and its elements. Their resilience to sun, rain, winds, and extreme temperatures means little maintenance, if any, is required.

A finishing kit will be supplied with every iron door order, since most installation jobs end up requiring additional paint and trim detailing.

A multi-step process is used to prevent all iron doors from rusting. This includes galvanizing a zinc coating, baking on a black epoxy topcoat, sandblasting, baking on anticorrosive primer, applying a clear coat, hand-painting an antique finish, and applying a final antique coat, all of which provide the utmost protection for your iron door.

Iron doors rarely require care and maintenance. You can open the hinged glass door and use a glass cleaner to remove smudges, dust, and fingerprints. A non-abrasive cleaner, such as Pledge, can be used on the metalwork itself, as well.