All iron doors are packaged securely in a wooden crate that has been covered with multiple padding to ensure the protection of your door. The padding will prevent movement and protect against scratches and blemishes. Before signing the shipping company’s bill of lading, please check whether the crate has been damaged during shipping process. Damage that is caused during shipment needs to be immediately reported and notated on the bill of lading, as the shipping company will be held liable for said damages. Note any damages to the packaging (and provide pictures, if possible), as the shipping company cannot stay during the actual unpacking process.

Once the shipping process is initiated, you will be contacted 24 to 48 hours before actual delivery day and time in order to set up and confirm delivery. Scheduling the day and time of delivery is based on your convenience, as the shipping company will work to deliver your piece at a time when you are able to receive it.

Needless to say, the weight of iron doors is quite substantial. As such, the most the shipping company can do is deliver the iron doors to the end of your driveway. Once the doors have been dropped off, first you will need to inspect the packaging to note any damages or deformities that may have affected the final product, then you need to move the product to secure area prior to installation. Because of the substantial weight of the pieces, it is recommend that between two and four adults collaborate to carry the pieces in tandem. Additionally, it is recommended that each frame and panel is carried separately from the others in order to avoid any damages. In most cases, shipping trucks will be equipped with lift gates, which will ensure the pieces are safely lowered to ground-level upon delivery.

*IMPORTANT* – Do not accept the shipping crate from the shipping company until you have thoroughly checked the product packaging for any damages. Notate any damage seen in detail on the delivery receipt/bill of lading, looking specifically for damage that could have occurred due to a freight accident or mishandling of the packages during delivery. Because the shipping company cannot wait for you to remove the door completely from the packaging, make sure you notate the delivery receipt/bill of lading with any package damage to ensure the shipping company’s liability in such a case. Actual doors can be inspected once they are removed from the packaging crates and padding.

Should you need to store your iron doors for a certain amount of time before they are installed, kindly ensure they are both placed in a dry location and one that is safe from the elements, so as to ensure they are not damaged. In most cases, garages would serve as an ideal storage place until installation is scheduled and actually occurs. Ideally, allow the padding to remain on the piece in order to prevent damage, especially if there is active construction occurring.